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    Model Portfolio Service

Multi Manager

Open architecture design that incorporates multiple ETF providers. We seek the needed asset class exposure and use our ETF expertise to find the highest quality funds to build a portfolio.

Cost Effective

Aptus’ model subscription service is free. It’s differentiated access to traditional market exposures without the extra layer of fees. Professional, low cost total portfolio solutions made easy.

Diversified Risk Management

Investment solutions that deliver market exposure designed to dynamically manage downside risk. The optimal portfolio takes into account risk, return, and the importance of investor behavior, a belief that’s the foundation of Aptus’ model service.

Target Allocation Models

Solutions that assist advisors in determining appropriate allocations based on risk tolerance and risk capacity. Five target allocation models built with low cost, unique exposures to needed asset classes, and embedded risk management.

Income Model

A strategy advisors can implement that offers a potential income stream while managing downside equity risk and macro economic factors such as interest rates and inflation.