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Simple Beats Complex

Aptus Behavioral Momentum Index

Our index is the foundation of our firm’s Behavioral Momentum Strategy.  It’s designed to adapt and adjust.

Aptus Behavioral Momentum ETF - BEMO

Our Exchange Traded Fund provides any investor the ability to access our Behavioral Momentum Strategy.

Aptus Capital Advisors

We are former collegiate and professional athletes that come from a mutual experience of Team First, Accountability to Teammates, Disciplined Execution of a Plan, and a Collective Commitment to the Work that must be done to create the opportunity for success.  We have structured ACA to reflect those core values in everything that we do.

It is our commitment to deliver value.  We strive to do nothing out of selfish ambition but everything for the interest of our investors. It’s our duty to continually improve, honor the dignity of all people in every interaction, commit to integrity as the foundation of every action, establish excellence as the expectation…and deliver that in all we do.


Our Focus

We are intentional in how we spend our time and energy. Our experiences and continuing education shape the progression of our core principles highlighted below.

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Beckham Wyrick

Beckham joined the Aptus team in April of 2016, after completing a 9 year professional basketball career in Germany.  As Director of Development, Beckham will utilize his market knowledge and interpersonal skills to drive business growth and strengthen existing relationships.  He attended UNC-Wilmington, where he received a Finance degree, while also playing on the basketball team.  Beckham and his wife, Johanna, reside in Fairhope, with their two children, Ada (2) and Henri (4 months).

JD Gardner CFA, CMT

JD is a student of the markets and also of rules-based investment methodologies where he has a deep understanding of building and implementing investment strategies in a number of asset classes. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation along with the Chartered Market Technician designation. He has completed an MBA program with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelors degree in financial Services; both at Wright State University. JD and his wife Mallory have three children, Josie Jill “JJ” (4),Luke (2), and Mims (Brand New).

John Goldsberry

John Goldsberry just recently completed an 8 year career as a professional basketball player, upon retirement his jersey was retired in Bamberg, Germany.  He also has his jersey retired at UNC-Wilmington, where he played collegiately and received his degree in Finance . As Managing Director at ACA, John is responsible for day to day operations and long-term strategic planning for the business. John’s ultimate goal is to maximize client’s wealth and educate clients on ACA’s investment approach. John enjoys communicating with his basketball contacts in Europe and here in the US in respect to player development and evaluation. John and his wife Lindsay have three children, Jackson (4), Kennedy (2) and Laney (Brand New).

Marc Salyers

Marc recently retired from professional basketball, where he spent 13 seasons playing around the world. He’s an alumni of Samford University in Birmingham, AL where he received a degree in Business Administration.  Today, Marc is applying the same determination that made him successful on the court to the world of asset management.  With his knowledge of the financial markets, he works to build relationships, communicate methodology, and better educate on the structure of ETFs and their efficiency.  Marc enjoys spending his free time on the water and is an avid diver and fisherman.  Marc and his wife, Jihane, currently reside in Fairhope, AL.

Investor Behavior

The psychology of the investor is of primary interest to us. A significant factor in investing success is managing the emotions that drive behavior (decisions). Unfortunately, we as humans aren’t wired to be great investors and it’s critical we recognize that fact and act accordingly.

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Risk Management

Risk is a requirement for Return, and the level of Risk included in any strategy establishes its potential for both gain and loss. Each client has their own response to the actual impact of Risk to account value and this influences an individual’s willingness to stick with a strategy designed to perform over a period of time. For this reason, our process stresses defining risk correctly and managing it explicitly.

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Rule Based Investing

We advocate and implement a disciplined, rules-based investment process.  It’s quantitatively driven and supported with research. We deal in probabilities, not emotion.  Analyzing historical data to understand probabilities of outcome is the foundation for our rules which guide our investment behavior.  A Rules-based approach is our way of managing and minimizing risk from behavioral biases to increase the probability of long term investment success.

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