Inflation Takeaways: PPI/CPI

August PPI and CPI and Fed Survey Update… QE Taper Coming late ‘21   Boy did we get the tale of two reports from the August inflation data. The PPI report was modestly...

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Jackson Hole: To Taper or Not?

Time to Taper? With Caution…Slow and Steady.   We all saw the news last Friday that the much anticipated Jackson Hole Central Bank Conference will now be a virtual...

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July CPI: Our Take

The U.S. CPI rose +0.5% m/m and 5.4% y/y in July. The core (ex food & energy) CPI rose +0.3% m/m and 4.3% y/y. While these numbers are more moderate vs. recent months,...

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Why International?

Let’s Party Like it is 1999! No investor ever wants to participate in a “Lost Decade” - domestic U.S. stocks encountered this problem in the 2000s, international caught it...

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Can’t Tell The Fed Nothin’

Performance During Taper Tantrums:   I would consider the cliché idiom, “nothing is certain except death and taxes” to be wrong. Why? Because I would personally add the...

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Q1 Earnings Recap

As of May 14th, 91% of the S&P 500 have reported earnings (440 companies). The first quarter of 2021 saw S&P 500 earnings at $48.21, besting Wall Street expectations...

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