Fed Update

Originally posted at The Backcourt Report Fed Cuts Rates 50 bps The FOMC voted unanimously to cut its overnight target range 50 basis points to 1.00% - 1.25% in an intra-meeting decision. This was an emergency policy action geared in reaction to the Coronavirus fears...

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Credit: Priced to Perfection

Originally posted at The Backcourt Report... This is probably a little more granular (also my first post so please don’t judge too harshly) than past posts into the Backcourt Report, but I think it is important to use my background in fixed income trading/ credit...

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Robbery in the Bond Market

Originally posted at TheBackcourtReport.com Venk Reddy has an article on Advisor Perspectives, Robbing 2020 to Pay 2019: A Reality Check for Fixed Income, and it needs to be read!  We’ve been screaming about the issues with bonds and the implications moving forward...

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Performance Chasing

Originally posted at TheBackcourtReport.com This is a post for any advisor that uses models or third-party management of any kind and is out there hunting for the best. It’s also applicable to the client that’s expecting Warren Buffett- type performance year in and...

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Model vs. Custom Portfolio

Originally posted at TheBackcourtReport.com Custom models, off the shelf models, and everything in between – that’s what we do day in and day out.  Fortunately, we are busy. We’ve carved out a niche to provide service and economics for advisors exploring how to...

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Volatility and Lower Prices

The last decade has made that fact easy to forget, but eventually the market will remind us, and may be doing so now.  Volatility is a feature of the markets. If you want the upside, you cannot avoid volatility. If you are positioned to feel no risk, you will also feel no upside.  We call that “return-starved” risk management.

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