Election Season is Here

We are not here to push a political platform, so let’s put the 2020 election into perspective for the stock market. Here are some quick facts: Historically, if stocks are...

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Why ETFs Are Tax-Efficient

Originally published by Aptus Founder JD Gardner at The Backcourt Report...   Most people hate taxes – that’s one reason they should love ETFs.  Here’s what I mean,...

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The Value of Compounding

Morningstar's style box has been a huge influence in driving investors to see stocks as either value or growth. We think this classification falls woefully short, is highly...

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What Are Market Bulls Expecting?

You could be forgiven in thinking that the last quarter felt like one of the longest three months of your life. In what now seems an eternity ago, it could be hard to forget...

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Cheap or Expensive 🤷‍

“I can’t make sense of this market” – we’ve heard that a few times during this market rip higher.  For any readers who have no clue what to think, hopefully this will help....

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What Bonds Do You Own?

The mathematics of compounding: big losses are essentially ALL that matter to your rate of compounding, not the small losses—and not even the big or small gains. The big...

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