I. Portfolios

A) How should I use them?

These are full strategic allocations, with ongoing risk management embedded in individual strategies.

B) How often do you change them?

We’re always reviewing, but since most tactical adjustments can be done inside the Aptus ETFs the models typically require no more than a few tweaks per year.

C) How will I be notified of changes?

We share updates from our Content Hub at the time of any changes, along with trades to the independent advisor platforms.

D) Do you invest in your own models?


E) What if I have my own favorite holdings?

We work with many advisors to develop custom versions of the allocation template.

F) Are they tax-efficient?

Yes, not only do we lean on tax-efficient ETFs, but portfolio-level trading is limited with the goal of minimized taxes.

G) What are the HNW models?

Larger clients often like owning individual stocks, so we replace US Large Cap ETFs with a basket of 15-25 stocks that are high on our Yield + Growth list.

H) Are there minimums for each model?

No, it’s at the discretion of the advisor.

I) Do you build custom models based on my business and clients?


II. Support

A) Can I use any of your materials with clients?

We work hard on simplifying language and are happy to work with you and your compliance team to build client-facing materials.

B) Can you help with trading?

Our team has experience in all back-office areas, and regularly consult and even implement for a handful of advisor partners.

C) Can you help with tax transitions?

Yes, a huge focus area. Taxable accounts require special care and our plans often include multi-year transitions.

D) Do you offer any technology?

We have partnerships with Advyzon and Nitrogen to reduce advisor cost, and internal tools for easy, consistent instructions.

E) Do you help with any marketing and/or proposal development?

Absolutely, a win for you is a win for us and we’ll do reviews, proposals, client calls, whatever helps.

F) What are the typical services provided by the Aptus Shared CIO?

Allocation reviews, security research, custom portfolios, and on-demand casework/proposals are key features of our relationships.


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