April 2021: Conversation with the Aptus Investment Team

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Appearances

Our PMs spend a ton of time on research and portfolio reviews, and I was lucky enough to grab 30 minutes to ask what they’ve been seeing. Together with what I’m hearing in my conversations with advisors, we figured it’s a great opportunity to record and share feedback from the trenches. Joining me were:

  • JD Gardner, CFA, CMT         Founder/CIO
  • Beckham Wyrick, CFA         Equity Analyst/PM
  • John Luke Tyner, CFA           Fixed Income Analyst/PM
  • David Wagner III, CFA         Equity Analyst/PM

Key topics covered:

  • The ongoing rotation between presumed growth companies, and those benefitting from the Fed and government stimulus
  • The challenge of generating investment income in a low-rate world
  • Key catalysts we’re watching in Q2 and throughout 2021
  • How we’re helping advisors answer client questions about more speculative areas like SPACs, crypto, cannabis, clean energy, & other thematic ideas
  • What we’re doing in pursuit of maximum potential upside per unit of risk

Was a ton of fun for me, but ultimately for the benefit of the thoughtful advisors who keep us busy supporting their efforts.Transcript below, beware verbal slips and translation typos!


April 2021: Q&A with the Aptus Investment Committee




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