Brett Wickmann | Chief Compliance Officer

Brett Wickmann oversees and manages the compliance program for Aptus Capital Advisors and any affiliated managed funds.

Background & Education

Prior to working at Aptus Capital Advisors, Brett worked at  US Bancorp Global Fund Services for over 15 years providing administration and compliance services for 40 Act Investment advisors. Additionally, he served as an officer of the multi-series ETF Series Solutions Trust.

Brett attended college at Carroll University at Waukesha graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Outside of the Office

Brett is originally from Watertown, WI and currently resides in Jackson, WI with his wife, Laura, and their two children Ashleigh and Blake. He enjoys time with his family, music, golf, hunting, and the outdoors.

Why Aptus?

“I worked with Aptus for several years with their ETF service provider. I loved the way they did things and how they did it. Aptus stands out to me because of its enthusiasm, innovation, work ethic, culture, exceptional commitment, and effort to provide premium solutions for its clients. The Aptus vision resonates with me.”