Derek Hernquist | Business Development & Partnerships

Derek manages key relationships for Aptus, helping deliver market commentary, collateral, and anything to help support advisors. A good bit of that is taking complex topics and turning them into something advisors can easily understand and share with clients.

Background & Education

Derek is locked in on helping advisors develop a confident client base. With 30 years of living and breathing financial markets, he brings an entrepreneurial mindset to every discussion and looks for ways to help advisors design and deliver what clients need.

He graduated with honors from The University of Arizona in 1992, with a BS in Finance.

Outside of the Office

He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Pam, son Dylan, and daughter Anna. He’s a lifelong student of markets and human decision-making and loves to travel with his family. If not rooting for his kids, you’ll find him rooting for his Buffalo Bills and Arizona Wildcats.

Why Aptus?

“I found it more fun helping clients through advisors than as one myself. But the solutions space is messy and thought Aptus brought a focused value in helping design and deliver portfolios. The “How can I help?” culture struck a chord and continues to be a source of daily inspiration.”