Jaela Robbins, CPA | Advisor Tax Consultant

Jaela’s role at Aptus encompasses all things tax and accounting!

Background & Education

Jaela holds Undergraduate degrees in HR Management & Accounting as well as a Master of Taxation degree from Troy University. She also contributes to the ongoing education within the tax industry by authoring articles aimed toward providing taxpayers an informative and easy to digest understanding of their options.

Outside the Office

Jaela is from Opp, Alabama, a small town where everyone knows each other. Family is the anchor of Jaela’s life, and every weekend, you’ll find her sharing a meal with them, debating anything from sports to which TV show to binge-watch next.

When not spending time with family, you’ll likely find Jaela reading a book, ready to embark on a new adventure, learn something new, or simply savor the beauty of a well-crafted sentence.

Why Aptus?

“I’ve had the privilege of working with this exceptional team since the inception of Aptus. Their unwavering integrity, profound passion for their work, and their relentless dedication to fostering meaningful client relationships are the factors that initially captivated me. It’s not just their expertise that sets them apart; it’s the way they seamlessly blend professionalism with a personal touch, making every interaction a testament to their commitment and care. There isn’t a group of people I’d rather work with! Every single individual here not only excels in their role but is also a remarkable person.”