Jeremy Cole | Technical Project Manager

Jeremy Cole is responsible for managing project work for the Aptus Engine project. He is passionate about efficiency and coordination and working to provide users with the best possible product.

Background & Education

Prior to Aptus, Jeremy worked at a variety of technology companies including Google, Salesforce, and Twitter as an engineer. His experience includes leading many technical projects across the technical stack and partnering closely with the Product division.

 Jeremy holds the Certified Associate in Project Management designation from the Project Management Institute. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a focus in Human Computer Interaction from Stanford University.

Outside of the Office

Jeremy grew up in New Jersey. He has a diverse set of interests; at various points in his life, he has been president of the chess club, a member of the varsity tennis team, a competitive Super Smash Brothers competitor, and a performance ballroom dancer. He enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and crafting games of all kinds.

Why Aptus?

“I was introduced to Aptus by my former CTO and current Head of Engineering at Aptus, David Nguyen, who I worked for and befriended while working at a small education startup. I was drawn by the opportunity to spread my wings and learn what it meant to manage work for a small team from a new perspective. The opportunity to do it at a stable company with a strong mission and great culture, while simultaneously getting back into the fintech space where I spent the happiest years of my career, made the decision a no-brainer.”