Marcus Jordan | Junior Data Analyst

Marcus Jordan joined Aptus in March 2023 and is part of our Research & Trading team, helping the Aptus Investment Committee team in summarizing and dissecting the details of past trades.

Background & Education

Marcus joined Aptus right after graduating from Mississippi State University with a bachelors in mechanical engineering, with a heavy focus on mathematics and autonomous robotics. Marcus brings a unique perspective to the field with his experience with autonomous functions and math theory.

Marcus has a passion for programming, working with and conducting research on dynamic systems, autonomous navigation/robotics, and virtual vehicle stimulations.

Outside the Office

Marcus enjoys playing strategy-based video games that make him think, usually with siblings or friends. He also enjoys reading fantasy fiction.

It is also very important to note that penguins are Marcus’ favorite animal!

Why Aptus?

“Throughout my life, I have lived in many locations (averaging a move every 2 years). As a result, I am more than ready to put down my roots and stick to one location. I can think of no better location than Aptus with its kind, hardworking, enthusiastic, honest, and innovative people. Honestly, what’s not to love about the people of Aptus?”