Mark Callahan | Head of Trading & Portfolio Manager

Mark Callahan is a member of the Aptus Investment Committee and manages trading for all of the Aptus ETFs. Mark handles all equity and derivatives trading institutional, vendor management, operations, and capital market requirements for the funds.

Background & Education

Mark most notably spent 12 years as an agency sellside global portfolio trader, transition manager, and derivatives trader before joining the Aptus team. He managed multiday rebalancing of some of the larger 40 Act Target Date Funds in existence across all equity marketcaps both domestic and foreign.

Mark graduated with a BBA in Finance from Oklahoma University and a MS in Real Estate from UT Arlington.

Outside the Office

Mark was born, raised, and still lives in Dallas. He is married with three daughters and so much of his time is spent playing and laughing with the family. Outside of work, Mark does everything he can to reach out to anyone he knows and loves to make sure they know they’re appreciated. Mark believes everyone needs to hear it more often.

He enjoys CrossFit, playing guitar, running, reading, hiking, and learning any/all new things. Education never stops.

Why Aptus?

“Aptus was a client of mine when I was a sellside trader, and I instantly wanted to work with them. It’s rare to find such a quality group of humans all working together to help manage the downside for investors and retirees. It’s the noblest version of money management I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and working for in my 20 years in the business.”