Recent reports set the baseball world abuzz with news of Shohei Ohtani, the dynamic two-way two-time MVP of the American League, signing a staggering $700 million, 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, as the contract details surfaced, its intricate structure unveiled a significant impact on its actual financial worth.

The contract, rather than the purported lump sum, involves a payment structure of $2 million annually for the first decade, followed by colossal $68 million per year payments for the subsequent ten years. This staggered payment plan considerably alters the initial eye-catching $700 million figure.

Enter the concept of present value—a financial mechanism used to determine the current worth of future cash flows. Using an 8% discount rate, reminiscent of the historic Bobby Bonilla New York Mets contract deferral (a chilling thought for this lifelong New York Mets fan), the present value of Ohtani’s contract plunges to a “mere” $224 million over its duration.


Source: Aptus as of 12.12.2023


This revelation delves beyond the complexities of athlete contracts to underscore the intrinsic value of a dollar today versus its worth in the future. Not only does $1 in the future depreciate due to inflation, but $1 invested today can yield returns higher than inflation, compounding the value of $1 over time for its holder. This contract’s financial intricacies not only redefine the perceived value but also illuminate the potential implications of deferral (including potential tax considerations should Ohtani choose to relocate from California’s high-tax jurisdiction).

In conclusion, while the initial $700 million figure captivated the baseball world, a closer inspection reveals a contrasting reality. Ohtani’s contract with the Dodgers stands as a groundbreaking deal, showcasing the need to comprehend the underlying financial mechanisms shaping such agreements and cash flows. It urges us to look beyond the headlines and recognize the intricate interplay between finance, investment, and sports contracts.






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