The Market in Pictures, December 16

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Blog, Charts

Our team looks at a lot of research throughout each day. A few charts that caught our eye this week, and the way they fit the unfolding puzzle of evidence:


Dave: Earnings estimates held up into Q3 but are starting to fall at a decent clip


Source: PSC as of 12.12.2022


Joseph: with the range of possibilities widening, mostly to the downside


Data as of 12.09.2022


JL: and margins the big wild card


Data as of 12.12.2022


JL: Monday was a really unusual day, and it turned out the VIX was more right than stocks


Source: Strategas as of 12.13.2022


Dave: Speaking of odd behavior, seeing inflows to an asset class during a time of poor performance is quite unusual


Source: Strategas as of 12.05.2022


JL: Fed talk starting to split apart from market expectations



Source: Bianco as of 12.14.2022


JL: with many pundits expecting a highly unusual market low long before curve inversion has peaked



Source: Lyn Alden as of 12.13.2022


Joseph: Exploration and Production continues to run at low levels


Data as of 12.12.2022


Joseph: as energy companies invest in dividends and buybacks vs. capital investments



Data as of 09.30.2022


JL: Rates may not be done rising, but at least you finally have some yield to compensate against possible price depreciation







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