Meet the Team : Beckham Wyrick

You might have seen our Team Page with our full team lineup, showing us in the office setting, with the usual bios about backgrounds and roles. We wanted to show you who we are outside of the office and share a little about the personalities that make up our team.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Up next: Beckham Wyrick, CFA – Portfolio Manager and Analyst. Watch this short video talking about his role at Aptus.



Places I’ve Lived

Cincinnati, OH → Wilmington, NC → Leverkusen/Bamberg/Munich/Bayreuth/Nuremberg, Germany → Fairhope,AL since 2016.

Who I Root For

Bengals, Buckeyes, Bearcats. Hard workers doing things the right way.

What I Listen To

Depends on where I am. Early morning workouts need a podcast or some early 2000s hip hop. Most other times it’s country or K-Love.

Food & Drink

Coffee in the morning and once in the afternoon. Bubble waters most other times. Tequila/ soda has been my jam lately. Anything Johanna cooks. Brick oven pizzas and good pastas.

Best Part of My Job

Knowing I’m in a special culture. One where all are held accountable and are willing to roll up our sleeves for our partners. One where work doesn’t really feel like work.

Nights & Weekends

Wife and 3 kids come first. Get a sweat. Read a book. Get some sun. Wet a line. Enjoy a drink.

Favorite Trips

Ios (2008), Prague (2010), Honeymoon in Turunc (2012), Month-long trips to Esbon, KS growing up.

Favorite Quote

“Wealth is what you don’t see” -Housel Teddy Roosevelt’s, Man in the Arena.

Favorite Shows/Movies

Movies: Shawshank, Life, The Notebook
Shows: Seinfeld, The Office



More Team Highlights


Derek Hernquist: Business Developments & Partnerships

Will Gardner: Advisor Transitions & Support

James Yahoudy, CFP: Strategic Consulting & Enterprise Relationships

John Luke Tyner, CFA: Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income

Mark Callahan: Institutional Trading & Analytics 

Matt McGowan, CAIA: Strategic Consulting

Clay Calhoun: Trading & Client Services

James Bai: VP of Product Management

John Goldsberry: Facilitator / Operations / Technology

Brett Wickmann: Chief Compliance Officer

Joseph Sykora, CFA: Equity Analyst & Portfolio Portfolio Reviews