You might have seen our Team Page with our full team lineup, showing us in the office setting, with the usual bios about backgrounds and roles. We wanted to show you who we are outside of the office and share a little about the personalities that make up our team.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us!


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Places I’ve Lived

I grew up in small but mighty, Dover, Delaware and went to college in Virginia. After college, spent a short stint in Brussels before entering finance which brought me to Philadelphia then Dallas. Most recently I moved to sunny St. Pete, FL.

Who I Root For

Philly sports or whichever team playing is more scrappy.

What I Listen To

The full spectrum – it might be shorter to list genres I don’t listen to.

Food & Drink

Home cooked steaks, breakfast tacos, or anything from the Italian Market.

Best Part of My Job

When your role is about introducing new relationships, it’s pretty great knowing that your team will adjust to the needs of advisors and, at every point, will deliver our services with integrity.

Nights & Weekends

Pick up sports and great meals. If it’s competing or eating you can count me in!

Favorite Trips

Lobstering in the Keys, the Blue Hole dive in Belize, eating my way through Thailand.

Favorite Quote
“The more I practice, the luckier I get “ – Gary Player


Favorite Shows/Movies

Recent Series: Yellowstone
For Sophisticated Laughs: Dumb and Dumber



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Will Gardner: Advisor Transitions & Support

James Yahoudy, CFP: Strategic Consulting & Enterprise Relationships

John Luke Tyner, CFA: Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income

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Mark Callahan: Institutional Trading & Analytics 

Clay Calhoun: Trading & Client Services

James Bai: VP of Product Management

John Goldsberry: Facilitator / Operations / Technology

Brett Wickmann: Chief Compliance Officer

Joseph Sykora, CFA: Equity Analyst & Portfolio Reviews