Meet the Team: Will Gardner

We already have a page that shows us in the office setting, with the usual bios about our path and role and interests. Thought it would be fun to highlight one team member every month, with some Q&A and out-of-office pics. Will is the next “volunteer”, with a short video to preview his interview below.

Hope you enjoy getting to know us!


Places I’ve Lived

Homewood, AL to Huntsville, AL back to Homewood

Who I Root For

Homewood Band, HMS hoops, Reed and Ben. Roll Tide

What I Listen To

Alabama, George Strait, Blackhawk…old school country

Food & Drink

Half and Half Tea addict, Anything on the green egg

Best Part of My Job

Internal – Good character guys with locker room mentality, team first

External- Relationships/Friendships with advisors helping improve their businesses

Nights & Weekends

Wife and 4 kids. Lake as much as possible

Favorite Trips

Beach/Lake – Fall beach trips with family top of list

Favorite Quote

5 Watches. Think about what you think about. Phil 4:8

Favorite Shows/Movies

Shawshank, anything Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn



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