You might have seen our Team Page with our full team lineup, showing us in the office setting, with the usual bios about backgrounds and roles. We wanted to show you who we are outside of the office and share a little about the personalities that make up our team.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Up next: John Goldsberry, Facilitator / Operations / Technology. Watch this short video, where John talks about his role at Aptus.



Places I’ve Lived

Vandalia, OH to University of NC Wilmington to Leverkusen/Quakenbruck/Bamberg (Germany) to Wilmington, NC and to Fairhope, AL since 2015.


Who I Root For

My people.


What I Listen To



Food & Drink

Coffee, all beer, cold Sprite and bubble water. Bacon Cheeseburger from 5 guys and Chalupas from Taco Bell.


Best Part of My Job

Helping advisors operate their business. Creation Unit emails. #aptuscore/my friends and free coffee every afternoon.


Nights & Weekends

Kids activities, date night with Lindsay, kids activities, yard work.


Favorite Trips

Gran Canaria before our first born. 2009 Christmas vacation to Kitzbuhel, Austria. Family summer trips to the lake/beach.


Favorite Quote
“Let’s get fired up!” – Joseph King


Favorite Shows/Movies

Hands down best tv show of all time: The Office. Currently watching Yellowstone.

Favorite movies genre: Thriller and Comedy. Favorite movie of all time: Shawshank Redemption.



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Derek Hernquist: Business Developments & Partnerships

Will Gardner: Advisor Transitions & Support

James Yahoudy, CFP: Strategic Consulting & Enterprise Relationships

John Luke Tyner, CFA: Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income

Beckham Wyrick, CFA: Portfolio Manager & Portfolio Reviews

Mark Callahan: Institutional Trading & Analytics 

Matt McGowan, CAIA: Strategic Consulting

Clay Calhoun: Trading & Client Services

James Bai: VP of Product Management

Brett Wickmann: Chief Compliance Officer

Joseph Sykora, CFA: Equity Analyst & Portfolio Reviews